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Does your water heater need maintenance?

Does your water heater need maintenance?


These days very few people know that in order to get the best use and longest wear out of a water heater it needs to be maintained periodically. During the process of pumping water into your water heater, dirt, sediment and sometimes loose debris can settle in the bottom of the water heater. If not cleaned out properly this debris build up can both put a damper on the quality of water, amount of water and your checkbook. Putting off the maintenance of your water heater can cause rust in the bottom of your tank and eventually you will have no other choice than to purchase a whole new unit. 

A well maintained water heater should produce three things. The first thing is clear water. If you are periodically having maintenance done your water should be rust and cloud free. Rust and cloudiness in water is a sign that there is to much debris build up in the bottom of your tank. Making sure to clean out the bottom of your water heater will prevent any debris build up from happening.

Is your water getting hot and staying hot? If your answer to any of these questions is no then your water heater is more than likely in need of a tune up. If you have noticed that your water gets hot really fast but doesn’t stay hot then its time to have one of the elements replaced in the tank. How fast does your water take to get hot? If it seems like hours you have to wait to get a nice steamy hot shower then chances are the element is going bad.

Such simple things like cleaning and maintaining your water heater are typically overlooked, but these two things alone can save you a lot of hassle and unnecessary money in the future. If the water heater in your Berkeley home is acting up, give us a call at (510) 876-9725 and schedule a service call today!

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