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Signs Your Home Needs To Be Repiped

Signs Your Home Needs To Be Repiped


The most common sign of a home needing a re-pipe job is when a pipe starts to leak. And when it starts to leak, it’s generally better to go ahead and have it replaced rather than attempting to patch it up because patches wear down overtime and can lead to the pipe’s leaking again. Another common sign is when you turn the faucet to your sink, shower or bathtub on and the water bursts, comes out in a very thin stream or only as trickles. This could be a sign of an air leak from an outside source, that the pipe is leaking or that even a tree root could be counteracting with the working of a particular pipe.

Another sign of a need for a re-pipe job is when your water is coming out as a rusty, copper or a reddish color as this is a sign that the pipe is rusting and wearing out and the rust is mixing into the water. This is hazardous to the environment and could infect humans and pets especially if ingested.

The need of a re-pipe job also partially depends on your home’s age. Everything tends to work properly for about the first 15 years or so. The home’s old age alone tends to cause the piping to break down over time making it necessary for them to be replaced with new and more durable material in order to prevent multiple pipe replacements.

If you happen to find any fractures or holes in any of your pipes, it’s imperative that you have them checked out by a professional immediately. Also, if you spot any spurts or stutters in the pipe, that’s also a sign that you need to consult a professional as soon as possible. The more time that you allow to go by before calling your professional, the more likely your pipes are to weaken to the point of leaking or bursting, which can lead to massive water damage or worse, flooding outright.

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