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How can I pick the right plumber for me?

How can I pick the right plumber for me?


Plumbing is a skill that takes years of study and experience. Technical skills, such as math, measurements, and products, are only the beginning areas of study that can provide an apprenticeship for skilled plumbers. It is not always an easy road, but necessary, to become the best in the field of plumbing. Too many times, clients expect this type of background from every plumber and too often, are in for a disappointing experience.

How to Begin the Search: Know the type of job that needs performed and look for the best in this area. Word of mouth is a good way to collect a few good companies, but depending on the type of plumbing that is needed, may not be a match. Experienced plumbers may have a specialized field that gives them an edge over competitors, and just what specific customers need. Combining water and gas lines, installing customized systems, and being certified in gas fittings, can eliminate the need for other specialists.

Where to Look: Your local Better Business Bureau should be the first stop in weeding out companies with many service complaints. Ask for recommended companies and those that have been in the area for at least 5 years. It also will not hurt to check the Web and look for customer experiences. Next, it is time to place a few phone calls. Have a list of questions ready, such as the type of licensing and certifications held, if employees are apprentices, journeymen, or masters of the trade.

What is the Cost?: The cost will vary according to the work performed. Get three estimates for the precise job and weigh against the other companies and the amount of experience they hold. Sometimes it is better to pay a little more for a skilled Master in plumbing. If you feel that another plumber could handle different jobs, keep their number for later.

It takes a little time and homework to discover the right plumber that is skilled at running pipes, installing sump pumps, or being available for emergency calls, but well worth the trouble if a catastrophe should arise.

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