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Why are chemical drain cleaners bad?

Why are chemical drain cleaners bad?


If you have a clogged drain you might think of picking up one of those chemical products that says they can unclog it minutes. They are telling you the truth. The reason that it is so fast acting is because of all of acid and other chemicals in these products. It can burn your skin, the fumes can be harmful to your lungs and eyes and just imagine what would happen if your children got a hold of it.

These products may be effective but they are also really dangerous. They work because the acid breaks down whatever is stuck down there. It eats through it quickly because it is so powerful. The only problem is the more powerful and quick acting they make it they more chemicals and acids they have to add. If your young child drank any of that, it would be deadly. Even older kids do things like drink or eat something crazy on a dare. They won’t know how harmful it is so it could hurt or even potentially kill them.

Bathrooms especially, are usually small spaces with little or no windows. In a room so enclosed, using chemicals that dangerous, with no experience with chemicals or acids is exceeding dangerous for you and your family. It is better to call a plumber, someone who knows what they are doing.

Plumbers can take care of the problem the right way without corroding your pipes or harming your family. It is always better to let a profession handle any situation for which you aren’t qualified. The reason we have plumbers is so that people don’t get hurt trying to do it on their own or make the problem worse by trying. When someone is handling a technical job in your home, wouldn’t you rather it be someone expertly trained in the field. A plumber will know how to fix the problem easily and with the kind of skill that ensures that it won’t make more problems than you started with. We know what we are doing, and how to do it safely.

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