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Questions you should ask a Plumber before hiring one

Questions you should ask a Plumber before hiring one


Hiring a plumber can be a daunting task, especially in an emergency situation. Before actually signing a plumber to the dotted line, there are a few questions the plumber should be asked.

Make sure the plumber has experience, especially in the area of plumbing needed. There are a lot of plumbers out, both experienced and inexperienced. Keep in mind a plumber who has only been in business for him or herself for a short time, but may have a lot of experience working for another plumber.

Ask the plumber to see his or her license and certificate of insurance. A plumber without either could cause more problem than they will solve. If there is no insurance and there is an accident of any kind, the homeowner will be liable for covering any costs of any damage and injury to anyone in the house because of the accident.

Always ask the plumber what his schedule is like and when your plumbing job can be accommodated. It is important to know, especially in an emergency situation where you are on the hit list and when to expect the plumber to knock at your door.

Another good question to ask is how the quote will be presented. Some plumbers will present a cost of the entire job in one lump sum while others will provide a more detailed cost and list materials, labor and any travel fees separately. Always ask if the cost includes all the charges, and any fees for special equipment. This helps to avoid any unexpected costs when the final invoice arrives.

Some plumbers will offer payment options, especially if an emergency situation may financially overwhelm the homeowner. When discussing costs, ask the plumber about alternate payment options, such as time payments. This may require filling out the necessary paperwork to provide credit information. Most plumbers understand overwhelming costs and will do whatever it takes to make the situation as easy as possible.

If the plumber has to apply for permits from the local municipality to perform the work, ask if they will supply a copy of the paperwork. Unauthorized plumbing may come back to haunt the homeowner, especially when it is time to sell the home.

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