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Benefits Of Having a Tankless Water Heater In Your Home

Benefits Of Having a Tankless Water Heater In Your Home


The benefits of installing a tankless water heater are many. These advanced machines can heat large volumes of water so rapidly that the need for storing large amounts of already heated water in tanks, as is common, with earlier technologies becomes needless. The resulting efficiency gains are quite significant and according to the Department of Energy can result in cost savings of up to $1,700 in the lifetime of the tankless water heater for the average homeowner.

The many positive benefits from these units stem from the unique method of generating hot water that these heaters utilize. By using powerful copper based heat exchangers these water heaters are able to heat water quickly thereby supplying almost instant heated water to meet demand. Consumers who install these units get not only energy efficiency benefits but also virtually unlimited supplies of heated water. This means no more running out of supplies when company visits simply because everyone wants to take a shower. Moreover, tankless water heaters are safer as there is no large supply of water than can leak out potentially causing significant damage to your home as is the case with conventional models. Also, because these units better regulate the temperature of the water they the chances of burns due to scalding water is reduced.

There are not many ways to achieve a slam dunk with regard to increased energy efficiency and costs savings, increases in safety, and better overall performance but by installing tankless water heaters homeowners can rest assured they are doing so. These units should always be installed by a professional trained plumber.

The reasons for this are that the performance benefits of tankless water heaters can only occur if your unit is installed properly. Not only do we have years of experience installing these units but can also advise you as to the proper model and size water heater that you will need for your home. If you want to experience the many benefits and costs savings of a tankless water heater make sure to call us today as we are ready to meet your needs.

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