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Why is it taking so long for the water in my home to heat up?

Why is it taking so long for the water in my home to heat up?


Every home needs a water heater that works efficiently since hot water is generally used every day. There are several signs to look for that show your water heater needs maintenance whether it’s gas or electric.

One obvious sign is your water doesn’t get hot. This could be caused from sediment build-up such as sand, calcium carbonate and other minerals. Too much sediment can clog the drain valve or overheat the bottom of the water heater and damage it.

Mineral deposits can also cause loud noises such as cracking or popping. A built up of limes can cause water to become trapped under the lime deposits, which often causes unusual noises. Any type of noise that you never heard before may indicate your water heater needs maintenance.

Parts may stop working on your water heater especially if it’s old. If lukewarm water is coming out of your faucets, it could mean the dip tube is broke. The dip tube prevents the cold water mixing with the hot water. The thermostat can stop working properly and break down. The purpose of the anode rod is to prevent rusty water so it may mean it needs fixed if the water is discolored or rusty.

Leaks mean there’s a problem that needs fixed promptly. Leaks can lead to damage and costly repair bills. Worn out or old rubber gaskets and valves can cause leakage. The temperature and pressure relief value can also cause leaking if it’s making the water too hot. This valve also keeps temperature and pressure within safe limits. Call a professional immediately if it’s not working properly.

It’s important to never guess what needs fixed on your water heater. Other problems could be involved, which is why it’s best to call a professional. A professional should check your water heater annually to help prevent problems and extra expense.

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