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Don’t Allow Harmful Chemicals to Sneak Into Your Home!  

Don’t Allow Harmful Chemicals to Sneak Into Your Home!  

Today, most of the homes having some sort of filtering or purifying device believe that all is well as long as they have something that filters the water they drink. Sadly, it is not as simple as many would like to believe. One preemptive strategy is having a whole house water filtering system installed at the main point of water entry. Doing so catches dangerous contaminants and chemicals before they spread to other parts of the household’s plumbing system.

Water, the most essential nutrient needed by the human body, even above food itself, needs purification or filtration not only for drinking purposes, but showering, sanitizing kitchen counters and many other vital purposes requiring water of a pure, safe quality level. Taking it even further, what about the water used to wash the family clothes and the food one cooks in?

There are several prime benefits gained by installing and using a whole house water filter system that can be simply installed in a cost-effective manner giving homeowners the peace of mind they so desire.

  • Using a whole house filtration system combined with a good quality drinking water filter ensures the removal of lead contaminants from the drinking water supply of the house.
  • Chlorine and a host of other chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOC) are no longer prone to enter a house’s plumbing system if a whole house water filter system is in place. Neither are other pollutants and debris emitted from old, rusted plumbing pipes.
  • The removal of chemicals from one’s everyday wash water further eliminates having to wear garments on one’s body and/or have contact with bed clothing that have been contaminated with harsh, abrasive chemicals.
  • Chemical fumes are other unsafe by-products of unfiltered water that commonly affects many asthma, allergy or other respiratory problem sufferers.

When in the market for a good quality system, one should check the list of contaminants provided for buyers on the model’s data sheet. Also advisable is checking the quantity of contaminants and the percentage of each contaminant removed by such a water filter system. However, for better results with this valuable investment for the home, a certified, bonded and reputable plumbing contractor would best know which model is more appropriate for a specific home’s plumbing system.

Today, many homes have a whole house water filter system forming a first line of defense from possible breakdowns in municipal water supply plants and sanitation systems. Over time, an investment in one’s health is the best investment a person can make.

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