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Importance of a Plumbing Inspection

Importance of a Plumbing Inspection


Purchasing a home is a major decision and should not be entered into without careful consideration. Although a home can be the most important investment a person ever makes, the process also comes with an immense sense of responsibility. The financial obligations of a monthly mortgage, plus principal, interest, and insurance are important responsibilities that must be taken seriously and carefully evaluated before a person decides to apply for a mortgage loan. The second step to home ownership is to choose the perfect house, either from the open market or from a design contractor who will build to suit.

Home Inspections

When a potential homeowner is ready to begin searching for a home, they are typically either looking for a unit that is ready to move in or one that is in need of significant repair. While the fixer uppers may be purchased for a lower price, they are usually not ready for immediate occupancy. Any home that will be financed through a mortgage lender is required to undergo a thorough inspection to be sure the house is structurally sound and not subject to dangerous infestations or other safety hazards.

Plumbing Inspections

New owners should also request a plumbing inspection before making any home purchase final. Both the interior and exterior of the home could be damaged and even devastated by an unexpected flood. Bathtub and shower drains should be evaluated to ensure that water flows properly and is not slow or stopped, which could be an indication of clogged drains or an even more serious problem. There are many other factors that could potentially lead to leaks or clogs and become very costly for homeowners to repair. Homeowners should not overlook the importance of having a certified plumbing company with experience in the industry review various facets of the plumbing within a home before making a final purchase decision.

Termite And Pest Inspections

Small rodents and insects can create monumental damage if they are left alone to inhabit a vacant home so buyers should be sure to have any potential properties inspected for signs of infestations, nesting, or damages caused by large insect populations. Rodents are known to nest inside walls as well as in attics and basements. As long as no significant damage has been done, an extermination process usually eliminates all traces of harmful insects and rodents so the home is inhabitable.

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