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Get Your Berkeley Home Ready for Winter

Top 5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

When winter hits it’s important that you keep up with your home maintenance. Winterizing your home ensures that nothing goes wrong like freezing pipes. Hiring our experienced plumbing service can help you stay on top of things. Here are five tips for winterizing your home.

Have Your Water Heater Serviced

One tip for winterizing your home is to have your water heater serviced. A plumber will come out and make sure that everything is in working order. If your water heater is not producing the temperature needed to heat your water then you can have a lot of problems. The plumber will also make sure that your pilot light is lite and in working order if you have a gas water heater.

Check Water Movement in Pipes

Another tip when winterizing your home is to call a plumber to check the water movement in your pipes. Freezing pipes are a huge concern in the winter. Making sure that your pipes are in working order and that the water can easily flow through them ensures you won’t have this problem when the temperature drops to below freezing. If you think your pipes are already freezing then leave your tap open and call a plumber immediately.

Insulate Pipes

Calling our plumbing company to insulate your pipes is another way to winterize your home. Insulating your pipes is especially important in places where you do not heat your home. These places include your garage and crawl spaces that are under your home.

Insulate Faucets

You also want to make sure that you insulate your faucets. Our plumbing company uses different items to insulate both pipes and faucets. These include heat tape, pipe wrap, and foam jackets.

Check for Air Leaks

Calling our plumbing company to check for any air leaks is another way to winterize your home. We will check your pipes to ensure there are not any holes in them. Holes can allow cold air from outside to come in and freeze your pipes. We will look for holes in common places such as around wiring, pipes, and dryer vents. If a hole is found we use insulation or caulk to keep the air out of the pipe.

Our plumbing company can help you winterize your home. By using these tips you can ensure you won’t have any problems this winter. Keep your home safe this season by winterizing your home.

Winter is nearly here! To get the best advice on winterizing your Berkeley home, call Albert Nahman Plumbing at (510) 876-9725 today.

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