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Best Ways to Prevent a Slab Leak

3 Ways to Prevent a Slab Leak

Slab leaks are a headache for Berkeley homeowners and plumbing professionals alike. The best way to fix a slab leak is to stop it before it starts- using vigilance, care, and professional Slab leaks are a headache for homeowners and plumbing professionals alike. Prevent them before they start with vigilance, care, and know-how.

What is a Slab Leak?

Slab leaks occur when pipes underneath a home’s concrete foundation leak. The health and financial consequences of slab leaks can be serious, and slab leaks are extremely costly to fix.

In addition, because slab leaks occur in areas of the home that aren’t immediately visible, they can go a long time without detection. It is far better to prevent a slab leak than to try and fix one after the fact.

So what can you do to prevent a slab leak?

Maintain Appropriate Water Pressure

The first step to preventing slab leaks is to keep the water pressure in your home at a level that is appropriate for your pipes. High pressure in narrow pipes is a recipe for trouble, and no matter how luxurious that high-pressure shower feels, it isn’t worth the pain of a slab leak down the line.

Take Care with Chemicals

If you have a clog in your pipes, it can be tempting to try and blast it loose with harsh chemicals. But be careful! Many chemicals can corrode your pipes and leave you vulnerable to a slab leak!

In addition, many of the chemicals in drain cleaners can be harmful to the environment. If you have clogged pipes, try calling a licensed plumber.

Know Your pH

pH is a measure of the acidity of your water. “Hard” water has a high acidity, and “soft” water has a low acidity. The normal pH for drinking water is considered to be between 6.5 and 8.5. If your water is very soft or very hard, the effect on your pipes could be disastrous!

Call a licensed Berkeley plumber to perform an analysis of your water’s pH and its effects on your plumbing system. A professional can also examine your water bills and look for patterns. Have your water bills skyrocketed? Are you paying for more water than you are getting? These could be signs of a slab leak.

Slab leaks are a plumbing nightmare, but with regular maintenance and professional advice, you can stop them before they start.

Don’t let a slab leak destroy your Berkeley home! Call Albert Nahman Plumbing at (510) 876-9725 to get it fixed.

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