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Leak Detection 101: 3 Ways to Save Your Home from Water Damage

3 Ways to Detect a Water Leak in Your Home

Water leaks can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Water leaks can cause wood to warp and rot, mold to grow, foundations to settle and can even create an electrical hazard. If a homeowner suspects that he or she has a water leak, it is important to take action to quickly find the leak and have it repaired.

Watch the Meter

The simplest way to determine whether or not a home has a water leak is to turn off all faucets and any appliance that uses water in the home and then taking a water meter reading. After reading the meter, the homeowner should make a note of the reading and then leave the home for at least a few hours.

Upon returning to the home, the meter should again be read. If the meter is showing that water has been used, then there is a leak somewhere in the home or in the water lines.

Inspect Faucets and Connections

In most cases, leaks occur at moving parts. Faucets, toilet tanks and line connections are the most likely source of leaks. Inspecting faucets (be certain to look at the supply lines under sinks), toilets, water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines will generally turn up a leak.

If a leak is found, it should be fixed immediately before it gets worse. While a homeowner may be tempted to attempt to stop a leak by tightening a connection, care must be used to avoid over tightening the connection and breaking the connector or line.

Look Under the House

Water will always settle in the lowest area possible. If a homeowner has a water leak that cannot be found, he or she should look under the home to located the area of the leak. In fact, it is a good idea for a homeowner to inspect the crawlspace or basement on a regular basis looking for water leaks and other problems that would be hard to find otherwise.

Water will typically be seen along the walls, running down pipes or as stains on the bottom of the floor above the basement or crawlspace. If the floor is insulated, the homeowner should look for leaks by feeling the insulation in different areas.

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