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Be Thankful for Your Garbage Disposal this Year

How to Prevent a Garbage Disposal Disaster on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration for families everywhere. Garbage disposals can become damaged during this time because of all the excess food. However, that is what happens due to carelessness over what is put down the disposal. Many times people decide that since it is called a garbage disposal, virtually anything can be put in it without any problem. But as many people find out, doing this leads to one problem after another. To avoid a Thanksgiving Day garbage disposal disaster in your Berkeley home, here are several tips to follow that will make the day much more pleasant for everyone.


Only Put Food Down the Disposal

In the course of large family gatherings, trashcans can get filled up quickly and left full for a while. When this happens, people start looking for other spots to dispose of their trash, and the garbage disposal is often the spot they choose to use.

But when they do so, the disposal starts getting filled up with numerous types of garbage including cigarette butts, paper, plastic, metal, and even glass. Needless to say, almost nothing can destroy a garbage disposal quicker than this. When these materials are deposited in the disposal blades get broken, gears get broken or jammed, and motors burn out.

Avoid Using Hot Water

While most people believe hot water will help make food get ground up faster by the disposal, it can also cause problems such as helping grease liquefy and accumulate in pipes and drains. When this happens, a plumber’s services will be needed to unclog everything and assess the damage done to the disposal. In most cases the only damage is the clog, but sometimes the motor may need to be repaired or replaced. If the motor does need to be replaced, it’s often cheaper to simply purchase a new unit.

No Drain Cleaners or Bleach

When it comes time to clean the disposal or try to rid it of clogs, many people choose to use drain cleaners or bleach poured down the disposal’s drain. However, the harsh chemicals in these products can do significant damage to the pipes and blades.

With their corrosive properties, bleach and drain cleaners are often the culprits behind a fairly new garbage disposal having to be replaced long before its time. Rather than have this happen, it makes more sense to be aware of what is and is not put down the disposal of your Berkeley home.

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