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Is your toilet having issues?

3 Toilet Maintenance Challenges

Plumbing emergencies are just that, serious emergencies. The bathroom is the busiest room in your Berkeley home and one that almost everyone uses daily and often.

It is also the most vulnerable place for infection and illness due to the constant flow of bacteria. A toilet backup or malfunction interrupts the free discharge of bacteria laden water to waste disposal and septic tank. Plumbing emergencies are a top priority.

The most common problem is a clogged toilet and not being able to flush

This can come from blockage or at worst, septic tank overfill. The possibility of a backflush is a reality. If a basic plunger cannot clear the toilet a Berkeley plumber needs to be on their way before a serious accident happens.

Backflow can include the contents of the toilet, other toilets and the septic tank. Serious environmental danger and damage can occur.

Leaks from pipes and gaskets are another regular issue

Leaks that are left unrepaired in a toilet can lead to damage of floors, weakening of the whole toilet appliance and mold growth. Often the bathroom is the warmest room in the house and has the door shut the most often; these are a rich environment for harmful mold growth.

Finding the real cause of the leak replacing g the seal or gasket with a long-life replacement and checking for other issues are best left to an experienced professional plumber.

Low water pressure when flushing can have a wide range of causes

This is not something to be treated casually. Low water in the toilet means a leak somewhere. Most plumbing is under floorboards, in walls and serious leaks are usually out of sight and out of reach to casual observers.

Plumbers know where a leak is likely to occur in a system and will look for the source of the leak and not the visible symptoms such as a slow running toilet.

Leaks in a toilet are more than an inconvenience or nuisance; they are the visible symptom of a serious problem. Plumbers know how today’s water bearing systems work. The complex arrangement of pipes, connectors and septic connections are nothing to trifle with or take chances on in a home.

Regularly scheduled annual preventative maintenance with a professional plumber who knows the layout of the structure are the safest and most cost effective way to keep leak and damage free.

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