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5 Inventive Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom for the New Year

When a new year begins, people decide on resolutions that they promise to do in order to make their lives better. While in many cases those resolutions include losing weight, starting a workout program, or finding a new job, many people are also including home renovations in their wishes for the new year.



While countless types of Berkeley home renovations can be done, one of the most popular remodeling tasks is the bathroom. If you’re looking to make the bathroom as comfortable and luxurious as possible, here are some interesting ways to put your bathroom in the spotlight.

Make a Statement with the Sink

While people use their sinks mostly for brushing their teeth and washing their hands, that doesn’t mean it has to be a boring experience. In fact, more and more people are having plumbers create statement sinks using a variety of sink fixtures, natural materials, and more.

To make a true statement with the sink, many people choose to adopt a theme, such as sailing, to add even more personality to the sink. If you’re thinking of going this route, have a plumber examine the bathroom to ensure the project can be done with minimal interruptions to the home.

Showers and Tubs

A natural part of any bathroom, showers and tubs are often the first thing people look at when remodeling time rolls around. However, in today’s world there are almost as many different options as there are suggestions of those that have only the fanciest of materials.

To liven up the bathroom, a frameless glass shower can be installed that is not only cost-effective, but also offers convenience with custom-designed shelves. If a shower isn’t what you want, then perhaps a jet tub or soaking tub is the right choice.

Jet tubs offer the chance to relax after a hard day’s work is done, while a soaking tub can truly stand out as well. Whatever the choice, always consult a plumber to make sure everything will work as planned.

Low-Flow Toilets and Shower Heads

A newly-remodeled Berkeley bathroom should not only look great, but also be environmentally-friendly and efficient. Therefore, low-flow toilets and shower heads are often part of the package when building a new shower or choosing a new theme for the most important room in the house. By doing so, money can be saved on monthly water bills while adding style and elegance to the home.

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