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How Natural Remedies Can Cure A Smelly Garbage Disposal

How Natural Remedies Can Cure A Smelly Garbage Disposal

When you have a bad smell in your kitchen, you may first check the garbage but come to realize that it’s the garbage disposal that smells bad.

A garbage disposal can have such an awful smell that it can be detected even in the upper levels of a home, so it’s always best to get the disposal as clean as possible, and this can be done naturally.

If you want to clean your garbage disposal unit naturally, then these five suggestions can work for you.

  • Clean the unit
  • Use citrus fruits for deodorization
  • Use some ice with salt
  • Try using vinegar
  • Baking soda

1. Cleaning The Unit- You can clean a garbage disposal with a brush or a sponge if it has a some handle that allows you to put it inside the disposal unit for cleaning. The rubber portion of the garbage disposal is crucial to clean as well, and this is because it catches all the food that it grinds up in the unit.

If you’ve ever taken something out of the garbage disposal, then the rubber portion may leave nasty pieces of food on whatever you take out of the unit, so it’s best to clean the unit thoroughly as much as possible.

2. Citrus Fruits- Using any citrus fruit is good for a garbage disposal, and whether it’s sour or sweet doesn’t matter because the acid in the fruits will help to clean the unit.

3. Ice And Salt- This is an age-old remedy to clean out a garbage disposal. Once you get these two items, you can insert them into the garbage disposal to get it clean and smell a lot better.

4. Using Vinegar- A lot of people use vinegar on dishes like fish as well as chicken, but vinegar is great to clean just about anything too, so use some in your garbage disposal to see how clean it can become.

5. Using Baking Soda- Baking soda is another product that’s used when something needs to be deodorized, so putting some into a garbage disposal is a great way to make it smell fresh and clean.

Using Citrus Fruits Is Always Best

If you want to go through all the natural remedies to clean your garbage disposal, then that’s fine, but the very best solution is using citrus fruits. Even if the peel of a citrus fruit seems dry, it’s still possible to squeeze it and to get oil or acid out of the peel, which means the skins are always good.

The acid that’s contained within the peel, as well as the fruit, is perfect for cleaning your garbage disposal, especially if you want it to have a citrusy smell afterward. There is no wrong way to use these fruits in a garbage disposal as long as the unit is running when the fruit goes inside.

You can use the peels alone if you want to eat the fruit, so don’t feel the need to waste an entire piece of fruit if you only want to use the peels. Some people choose to freeze the citrus fruits in water to make cubes, and then they’ll put it in the garbage disposal, which is brilliant because it sharpens the blades as well as making the garbage disposal smell very fresh.

Do It Yourself

Some feel as if they have to get help whenever they need to address a problem with their garbage disposal unit, but it’s easy enough to make your garbage disposal smell better without anyone else’s help.

If you choose to do it yourself, then you can use many of the natural remedies that are proven to freshen up a garbage disposal, so don’t feel the need to use any chemicals.

Although there are chemicals that are made for a garbage disposal that has a bad smell, it may leave a chemical smell behind that is not pleasant, and some of these chemicals are so harmful that they cannot touch the skin, or they may cause chemical burns and other problems. It may seem okay to put chemicals into your garbage disposal, but any chemical that is too harmful to you to handle shouldn’t be used in your pipes or drains at all.

It’s a good idea to use any one of the natural remedies, such as using citrus fruits, salt with ice, or you can even choose to use vinegar or baking soda. If you want to get your garbage disposal cleaner than it’s ever been, then try all the natural remedies together to get it superbly clean. Just remember that you need to repeat your cleaning ritual regularly if you want to keep your unit smelling fresh on a regular basis.

Avoiding These Objects Can Save Your Garbage Disposal

As soon as you see something fall into the garbage disposal that shouldn’t be in there, you’ll turn off the unit to keep it from damaging itself by trying to cut up the item that fell into the unit.

You also need to be attentive to what you purposely put into the unit as well as what accidentally falls into it.

You’ll never want to let anything metal go into the unit, and any types of clothing or cloth or fabric won’t go through the unit either, but surprisingly, some people still try to put these things in there.

The only thing that’s approved to go into a garbage disposal is food, and not all foods are created equal and can run through the garbage disposal without a problem.

Make it a point to observe any types of foods that are being put into the garbage disposal at all times, and call a plumber if you ever have problems with the garbage disposal that needs professional attention right away.

Your garbage disposal may give you problems, but Albert Nahman Plumbing in Berkeley, CA can solve them if you call them at (510) 876-9725 .

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