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Timely Info About Water Leak Detection

Timely Info About Water Leak Detection

If you suspect that you’ve got a water leak in your home, then time is of the essence.

Even if you feel like it’s only a little water, you’d be surprised and how much damage can be created by that small amount. It happens fast.

Save yourself the headache and the expense. If you think that you’ve got a water leak, spring into action before real damage happens.

Here is some timely info about water leaks and how to detect them.

Preventative Maintenance

If saving money is your main objective, protect your pipes on an ongoing basis. Most water leaks come from damaged pipes.

Over time, pipes tend to corrode, which make them fragile. One other major cause of leaky pipes is tree root intrusion.

Consider getting your pipes cleaned and inspected on a regular basis.

You’ll be able to identify these problems if they exist before they have a chance to wreak havoc on your home.

How do I Know Where the Leak is Coming From?

There are some common signs that you’ve got a leak.


You’ll see water pooling on the floor, damp spots on the wall or ceiling.

You might feel a cold spot to the touch on your walls, or you might discover mold growth.

Another red flag is musty, moldy odor, which signals the fact that water is making it possible for mold to grow.

Leaks can come from your pipes, plumbing fixtures, washing machine, and ice maker hoses or even within your home’s foundation.

To be very sure where the leak is coming from and to develop a sensible, cost-effective solution, you should get professional help.

Don’t Underestimate the Damage of Water Leaks

A small pool of water may seem innocent enough, but don’t be fooled. That water is a major threat both to your home and to your belongings.

If drywall gets wet, for instance, it will warp and bend, causing your home’s walls to move all kilter.


The whole structure can be damaged if beams or joists get too wet and rot. That can be expensive to repair.

Don’t forget about the health hazards that come about from water damage too.

Imagine discovering that a small leak

spawned a whole bunch of mold growth that your family has been breathing in.

That’s not a risk worth taking.

That’s why when you see signs of water leaks, you need to act.


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