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Tips for Having Summertime Fun and Conserving Water at the Same Time

Tips for Having Summertime Fun and Conserving Water at the Same Time

With the hot days of summer here, you and your family are probably taking every opportunity you can to cool down.

In many cases, cooling down involves using water. It’s important to conserve water, no matter the season because of the global water crisis.

In addition to wet leisure activities, your lawn and garden need extra water this time of year too. It is possible to have fun, maintain your garden and be mindful of water conservation at the same time.

Fun Outdoor Water Activities

Looking to keep cool at home? Set up a water zone in your backyard and get ready to cool down.

Even if you don’t have a backyard pool, you can still have hours of enjoyment with a kiddy pool.

Get one big enough for mom and dad too. In addition to lounging in the water, make a fun game with your pool by putting ice cubes in and seeing how long you can keep your feet in.

Empty the pool after on grass that needs watering so you can conserve water. Another “water park” idea is to build your own water slide with a tarp, a small amount of dish soap and a tarp. Slip and slide away.

Conserve Your Water so you can Have Fun

It’s all about balance. If you are using more water at home for your fun activities, you need to find other areas in which you can cut back on your use.

Become vigilant about plumbing leaks, which can cause you to waste a significant amount of water.

Watch for pooling water, an unexplained increase in your water bills, a musty odor or mold growth. Also, inspect your washing machine and refrigerator ice machine hoses for damage. Check out your plumbing fixtures for leaks and fix them quickly.

Sprinkler and Hose Tips

To reduce the total amount of water you need to tend to your lawn and garden, here are some tips.

Use an adjustable sprinkler, so that you can control flow and placement of water more accurately.

If you have an irrigation system, inspect it often to make sure that it isn’t leaking. Common signs are sunken patches and pooling water.

Inspect hoses for leaks and replace as needed. Make sure that hoses are fastening well to hose bibs and no leaks are occurring there.

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